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Sex Toys: Best Vibrator for Women

LoveWorks knows that adding a vibrator to your life is a great way to increase your pleasure!  We sell vibrators that range in size from finger-vibes to larger toys that might cause power outages!  (We're kidding of course).  What we don't kid about is our selection of vibrators -- over 2,496 different items!

A vibrator is a sex toy that is used on the body to produce pleasurable erotic stimulation.   (Wikipedia)

We have vibrators that are quiet and discreet, perfect for those private sessions when no one is around as well as those quick overnight trips.  These include the bullet vibrators and finger vibrators.  The finger vibrators are especially exciting because you only feel the touch of your skin and not the touch of the toy -- since only your finger touches your body.

Our selection includes vibrators of every style, shape and design -- intended to be for man, woman or both; and all provide the stimulation and excitement you seek.

We have the famous jack rabbit vibrators (in fact, over 336 rabbits in stock, almost like they are breeding!); and we have dolphins and bears and other animals/mammals that I can't remember!  We are like Sea World and the San Diego Zoo all merged into our adult shop!

LoveWorks maintains full stock of luxury sex toys as well!  We have almost every model from the major high-end sex toy manufacturers like JimmyJane, Picobong, WeVibe (review), Sensuelle, and one brand that I can never remember how to spell ... "Je Joue"!

Ten years ago, we couldn't say some of the names of these toys or what they did!  We sold "body massagers" and "marital aids"  Well, body massagers like the Hitach Magic Wand are still around and maintain a place on our best sellers list every month!  If you haven't experienced an orgasm with the magic wand (review), you don't know what you are missing.  

Vibrators now have multi-vibe patterns, and sensation modes, allowing you to change and experiment with the individual sensation that brings you to orgasm.  With the multiple choices of stimulation, no two orgasms will be the same.  

We offer sex toys made of all safe materials, from plastic, to silicon.  We have toys that are water resistant -- and toys that are water proof.  It doesn't matter where you choose to use your vibrator, LoveWorks has you covered.  After 25 years, LoveWorks knows what makes her customers happy!

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