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Under the Bed Restraint System Sex Toy Product

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Under the Bed Restraint System

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(29 Reviews)
MSRP:  $72.99
Price:   $50.99
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Product Details

  • Weight: 14.00 Ounces
  • Features: Adjustable ,
    Adjustable - A toy that can be loosened or tightened for various degrees of tension.
    Mfg Warranty Included
    Mfg Warranty Included - Manufacturer offers a limited or lifetime warranty on the product. Some registration may be required. Refer to the manual or box for more information.
  • Materials: Metal ,
    Metal - A solid material and chemical element that is a good conductor of both electricity and heat.
    Nylon ,
    Nylon - A durable, synthetic polymer considered to be the strongest man-made fabric introduced by DuPont. Nylon is one of the most commonly used polymers.
    Velcro - A patented brand name for fabric fasteners. Generally made of nylon, the "hook and loop" interlock when pressed together.
  • Color: Black
  • Manufacturer: Sportsheets
  • UPC: 646709202019
  • SKU: CNVELD-7911-12
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Product Description

Turn any size bed into a place of binding pleasure. Restraint straps quickly fit beneath any mattress or frame without hooks. Restrain your partner’s arms or legs from the sides or the top and bottom of the bed. Portable and travel-sized. The Under The Bed Restraint System includes four cuffs, four 60 inch restraint straps, and one 60 inch connector strap. Simply slide the restraint straps under the mattress for an instant bondage bedroom. Each 60 inch strap adjusts to fit any size bed. There are multiple ways to position the straps. Use your imagination and restrain your lover for more fun!

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29 Reviews
Anonymous Verified Buyer
May 11, 2014
Total domination
This restraint system is buck easy to use best one we've tried so far
Anonymous Verified Buyer
Apr 19, 2014
Love them. Having complete control and giving up control is such a turnon.
Anonymous Verified Buyer
Mar 30, 2014
Great Times
Absolutely love these easy to set up and use Restraints. Has added some spice in the bedroom. Fast discrete shipping.Thank You.
Joe Verified Buyer
Jul 29, 2012
One of the best products my lady and I ever used.
My lady and I never used restaints before. I first put her into the restaints and had my way with her, I loved it. She didn't like too much because she couldn't touch me. But when she put me in the restraints and she was in full control, she fell in love with our new toy and couldn't wait to use it again. The only thing I can say to couple that talk about restraining each other. This is the product you want. It's confortable and adjustable. It will add alot of joy to your sex life.
courtney Verified Buyer
Jul 13, 2012
out of this world
Bought this for use with my new girlfriend, she went out of her great on a king size bed.
Anonymous Verified Buyer
Jun 2, 2012
Worth every penny!
Bought this as an anniversary present and wasn't sure how it was going to be received. He absolutely loved it! Broke it out of the box within seconds and set it up. Needless to say, both of us thoroughly enjoyed this product and would recommend it to everyone!
Anonymous Verified Buyer
Mar 27, 2012
Awesome system
This is a great product. Its super easy to setup and once it is, its easy to use and hide. The cinching straps are easy to tighten or loosen, but they hold while its being used. The cuffs are soft and you can adjust them easily to any tightness. Loved the way it kept my partner spread apart even as she was cuming which usually makes her clamp her legs together.
Blackettle Verified Buyer
Jan 11, 2012
No crumbs just cums
This is an easy way to start out with some bondage. The person being retrained is comfortable in the bed. Now it's time to bring out the toys and work them over. Don't forget your safe word just in case.
Anonymous Verified Buyer
Jan 11, 2012
Great Product!
Easy to use. Cuffs are very soft and user friendly. Very easy to adjust for several positions. Works with our King size bed easily.
DynamiteJim Verified Buyer
Dec 17, 2011
Nice Little setup
This is a nice little rig that fits underneath your mattress so it can easily be tucked away from those who don't need to know about it. It is also so simple and small that it is perfect to take for those weekend get aways. The cuffs are soft and have a good quality of velco so they don't just fall off, though they are not heavy duty. This is perfect for the couple who like to play witout being serious bondage types. We have a king memory foam, so the mattress is thick and we routed the straps over the ends of the bed rather than the corners as that would make them too short. I'm sure you coule add some webbing to make them longer if needed. Perfect for us and probably you as well. One other plus, this same system is sold in stores around here for $70+ so this has proven to be a bargin! Only reasonit doesn't get 5 stars is because most "toys" you buy, with the time and a some material, you could probably make it yourself. But then again, why do that when you can point and click and have your new plaything in a few days?
Anonymous Verified Buyer
Nov 28, 2011
Best buy
Great product sets up in seconds, sooo much fun
Lazarus Verified Buyer
May 8, 2011
One of my best purchases ever
I have owned this set for a number of years. I have used it with several women and have had it used on me. We all agree it is the best, most versital restraint system we have ever seen. The cuffs can snap together and be used for much more then just the straps that come with the set. Everyone who has worn teh cuffs says they are comfortabel and fun. I curretnly use it with a King size bed wth no problems, If need be it is easy to extend te strap length with bungie cord or more strap.
Newly Bonded Verified Buyer
Mar 27, 2011
Great light bondage set
Easy to install, soft on my woman's wrist and ankles, plus the fact that its able to work with any bed is great. We used it the night we got it and are going to be using it a lot. I would definitely suggest these to anyone looking to spice up their sex life!!
UberBunny Verified Buyer
Mar 27, 2011
My Personal favorite sex toy!
We both love this little device. Discrete, simple and so much fun especially if you live to give up or take control! We have a cal king bed and it works perfectly under it. Just tuck the straps between the mattress and the box spring and no one will every know you dirty little secret! I found that the velcro straps are VERY difficult to escape from without help! They were also comfortable and didn't hurt my wrists when I pulled on my bindings. The handcuffs and ankle straps are detachable and the clip together for other uses, your only limited by your imagination!.
Anonymous Verified Buyer
Mar 24, 2011
I love this! Discreet and portable!!!
The quality is great, the price is better. I have taken this to hotels without anyone knowing. Easy to hide from kids and company.
Anonymous Verified Buyer
Mar 5, 2011
This product was exactly what it is presented as on the website. I am thoroughly enjoying it ;)
RandL Verified Buyer
Oct 16, 2010
Wonderful fun toy
Wonderful toy, we use it a lot and love it...
Dom Jr. Verified Buyer
May 19, 2010
UBR Restraint System
Very portable. Takes a bit of muscle to position it under mattress, but can be done by one person. Cuffs are adjustable and sturdy. Can be used separately from the restraint system. You can tuck the straps away so that nobody sees the system itself - great feature. Highly recommended.
Lynn Verified Buyer
Dec 20, 2009
Two thumbs up!
This is a great product! It's durable, comfortable, easy to clean, and even discreet. I leave it on the bed and just tuck the cuffs under the mattress when I don't want it to be noticed. No assembly required, which is always a plus in my book. And, as for the price, I would've paid a lot more for it simply because I will never have to replace it.
Staff Pick - Justin Verified Buyer
Dec 7, 2009
Staff Review
Sportsheets Under the Bed Restraint System is excellent, domestic bondage gear. Designed to fit a twin up to a California King, it's also simple to set up. Simply slide the restraint straps under the mattress and prepare for sexual satisfaction. Bind your prisoner of love and watch that worn out mattress transform into erotic furniture. With trust, lust and this restraint system you won't want to leave your bedroom.
Anonymous Verified Buyer
Jul 14, 2009
OMG!!! so much fun
Can't even explain how happy I am with this product!!! easy to set up. works great. perfect way to strap you partner down for hours of fun!!! So much fun :) This is the best toy I have ever bought!
Anonymous Verified Buyer
Apr 30, 2006
Review of SS202-01
This is fantastic. If you live somewhere that you cant screw anchors into the celing and/or walls or dont want guests/children to see things then this is a very practical aparatus, besides being fun. Order it then surprise your partner, have it all set up ahead of time get them on the bed and start securing them *grin* its a lot of fun seeing their reactions.
bucky Verified Buyer
Oct 5, 2005
Review of SS202-01
Beyond expectations! Restrained with a trusted partner immediatley when we received it!He restrained me first-I was a bit affraid of what to expect but OMG I want more every day! Found him on bed after shower-OMG I just had my way with him he was so hard and i was wetter than ever,we will never be the same again!!Well worth the price and a must buy for everyone!!!! We love it!
Anonymous Verified Buyer
Jul 20, 2005
Review of SS202-01
OMG!!! Everyone who is deeply in love w/ their partner needs to get this sex toy!!! As soon as it arrived we both ran upstairs and my husband started to set it up. I got ready for another night of wild, crazy and hopefully exciting SEX!!! I put on my skintight leather bra and g-string and told my husband that he should skip the condem!!! Yeah he agreed. I came in the room looking sexier than ever. He strapped me up and he humped, rubbed my vagina and then I said it was his turn. I stripped him and strapped him in, then I attacked his penis again & again!!! I put whipped cream on it and sucked it and lots of other fun stuff! By the end of the night I felt that I might be pregnent. So I went to the doctor and he said that I will soon have 5 babies. We use this sex helper every night!!!
Anonymous Verified Buyer
May 21, 2005
Review of SS202-01
my girlfriend got it for us and it was great she tied me up and teased was so easy to was worth every penny i am from ireland
Angelica Verified Buyer
May 15, 2005
Review of SS202-01
My husband and I were SOOO pleased with this product. It surpassed our expectations. Definitely worth the money! Plus, its easy to hide the straps from the kids...they are easily tucked under the mattress.
Anonymous Verified Buyer
Mar 16, 2005
Review of SS202-01
After receiving the mattress tie-down kit we couldnÂ’t wait to try them out, my GF was so excited to try them on me, she insisted that I be restrained first. After getting me secured, her demeanor changed quickly. She wanted very little foreplay, and had me inserted within a couple minutes, her vagina was well lubricated and penetration was trouble-free unlike most sessions, I knew immediately she must have been very excited, she became very sexually aggressive and verbal as she took me to task. She had her first orgasm in surprisingly little time. Then again she surprised me because she had little patience waiting for me to recover, before starting again to thrust, it was almost intolerable for me when she aggressively began thrusting again. I struggled under her, but the restraints prevented me from escaping her and just after her second orgasm, I had another powerful orgasm, which seemed to trigger her to yet another orgasm, three in one session was a first for her. She told me twice that the feel of my hot come inside her was magnificent. Have no idea why, it had happened numerous times in the past, but I also must admit being tied to the bed, made intercourse feel much deeper for me also. The one thing I was thankful for was that she didnÂ’t want me to come another time. i had no idea if she would like the purchase, but now she is talking about doing more shopping herself Prisner of love
natalie Verified Buyer
Mar 4, 2005
Review of SS202-01
the minute these arrived me and my boyfriend went straight upstairs 2 our room and started our binding pleasure. he bound me first i was a little scared of what he would do but i loved it. we use these every night
Anonymous Verified Buyer
Mar 4, 2005
Review of SS202-01
The bed worked succesfully. Me and my partner raped each other for hours on end.